When Sadness Hides in a Shady Place (Poetry)

©Jessica Alvarenga

How does growth sprout from chaos? Everything seems to be spiralling out of control these days, from our anxiety to our romantic relationships. Thankfully, we have poetry. Poetry offers us the language to find balance, calm our troubled minds, and to heal from our most intimate heartbreaks. We are so blessed Christa Mahlobo shared her poetry with us in the moment that we needed it most.


Toni Morrison

We are all storytellers
The little lies we tell
To protect ourselves
The big lies we tell
That ruin us
Ruin things
The deep hurt we say is only a flesh wound
Tears we call allergies
Hopelessness we call alone time,
Sleepy depression
We start the book with “In the beginning”
Our final chapter reads “The End”
It should say “the truth don’t live here” …


in memoriam

She fondly reminisced about our childhood,
I laughed at a story she told about when we were eleven
I don’t tell her how remembered scenes lose their details
Their colors blend, their faces blur, their feelings aggrandize
They hide behind the glossy veneer of happiness
The sadness hides in the shady place
Where we relegate the thoughts that make us want to disappear into



I asked you to treat me like you love me
You laughed and said,
“Can a tiger change its stripes?”

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