The Xingona Denise Hernandez Just Gave Us A TEDx Talk (Video)

Denise Hernandez portrait by Arlene Mejorado, 2016.
Since I discovered TED talks a few years ago, it had been a lifelong dream to present one of my “Big Ideas” on stage. I didn’t expect to reach this goal so soon, but I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to share my passions with my beloved city of San Antonio. The road to the TEDx stage was challenging, nerve-racking, intimidating, but absolutely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I’m so happy to finally share this experience with you all. Thank you for taking the time to watch!
I have been independently studying systemic oppression for a few years and had been very vocal about the issues I saw and experienced. For TEDx I decided to speak briefly about our implicit biases and how they shape the way we live and interact with others. I worked on my talk for a few months, with the help of my incredible curator and friend, Desiree Luckey. We knew from the beginning my topic would be different from the rest of the program in that it was expected to make some in the audience uncomfortable. In the work I do, making people uncomfortable comes with the territory; pushing people outside of their comfort zones, whether mentally, spiritually, physically or otherwise, is the first step in facilitating growth. I hope my talk resonates beyond the TEDx stage and reaches those who have difficulty understanding why we must continue fighting prejudices, harmful stereotypes, and oppression at every level. I hope it will inspire others to think twice in their interactions with others, and will continue to help us be more open-hearted and empathetic. As the incredible Gloria Anzaldua wrote, “I change myself, I change the world.”


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