No Offense, Columbus Day


On October 9th 2015, Latino Rebels posted an op-ed of Jonathan Marcantoni arguing in defense of Columbus Day. Then, there was a rebuttal article by Nestor David Pastor. And then, there was Twitter. Latino Rebels responded to the backlash on social media by saying this was an intentional dialogue to “retake our rhetoric”. Fail.

“In Defense of Columbus Day” was not only poorly written but it was also done in poor taste and downright disrespectful to Latino Rebels’ target audience. The author contradicted themselves when proclaiming that we should celebrate Columbus while at the same time exonerating Columbus of wrong-doing. Make up your mind. Do you suck at life or do you REALLY suck at life? Furthermore, the author was only able to make one weak antiquated argument romanticizing mestizaje in favor of Columbus Day. So, maybe they just suck at satire?

What really made matters worse was the defense of the defense. Satirical or not, the piece was posted in bad taste. If the Latino Rebels were truly aiming to “retake our rhetoric” on Columbus Day, their assistance wasn’t necessary and detracts from Indigenous people’s ongoing struggle to reclaim their history, something LastRealIndians, Idle No More, Save Wįyąbi Project have been actively doing.

The drag:

Latino Rebel’s response:

-Vicko Alvarez ft. Wilfredo Santamaria and Jessica Alvarenga

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