New Moon in Sagittarius Mixtape

As the new moon set for December 11, 2015 moves in, we are reminded to look into the small miracles and gifts present in our lives. In honor of our ancestral practice of reading the universe and observing the introverted new moon, artist Adzua Gette presets to us an offering in the form of a mixtape as a nod to the blessings we should count as the year concludes.

Adzua Gette is a visual and sound artist originating from Dallas, TX and currently in Austin. They are a co-creator of the Texas circuit party Mosaico Experiencia, an intersectional, transcultural instillation for body memory, ancestral activation, and cathartic release. This mix is for the woke people and Sag babies looking for joy and activation in this truly trying American time.

Photographer to Watch: Destiny Mata
Dia de la Virgen Lupita



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