#MomsofInstagram Illustrates the Special Love We Share for Our Mommas

Vicko Alvarez Vega (ScholaRComics) created a series to highlight the moments in which we use instagram to show a little bit of vulnerability on a platform largely utilized to show our most vain moments. #MomsOfInstagram was created as a series of illustrations showcasing the very public love we show our mommas to all of our hundreds or even thousands of instagram followers.
Vicko shared with us: “As someone who was raised on tough love, it was always difficult to speak words of affection to my family. But social media for whatever reason became a way to type those emotions out and eventually helped me build towards speaking those affections into existence face to face. When I see people take a moment to show gratitude to their moms, I see it as a small way in which we break from the selfies and memes to offer our love to one of the most important pillars or our lives.”
#MomsOfInstagram is now up at Rockstar Barbershop 1834 S Ashland. Chicago, IL. For more on Vicko’s work, visit: scholarcomics.com and visit her instagram: @lavicko
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