Mixtape: Love Is Better When Sung

By: Yvonne Cruz

I started putting together this love song playlist so that I could have something to listen to after spending time with boyfriend. I needed something to bask in the euphoric state being in his presence always leaves me in. If that sounds dramatic that’s because it is. Love is dramatic! Love makes you say things that make you sound so extra and leave you wondering when you stopped being cool and turned basic AF.

Some of these songs, particularly the songs on the “4U-Classics” playlists, are songs I would listen to as a teenager, but it is now that I am in a loving partnership that I really connect to them. The songs on this playlist are intended to transmit the intensity, joy and yes, the grandiose nature, of being in love.

Above anything else, love requires an often freighting level of vulnerability. Opening up to someone and communicating how you feel is scary! I’ve always found it much easier to communicate through writing and music. So while originally this playlist was meant for myself, I started to construct it with the intention of sharing it with my partner, hoping it would perhaps help me convey sentiments where my verbal communication was lacking. 

I spent longer on this playlist than intended. Heck! This playlist ended up turning into one and a half playlist. They are for me; they are for my partner, and they are for you. Because I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know if he’ll full appreciate the line up I put up! He’s not into music, not like I’m into music. He hardly even listens to music when he drives (he says it’s distracting). What a weirdo. I know. I never thought I’d end up with someone who wasn’t a fellow music nerd but alas, I’ve learned shared interests are overrated so go delete that giant list of your favorite artists and movies from your okCupid account right now. Anyway, that’s a topic for another piece.

Enjoy the playlist and go be vulnerable.




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