Meet Houston Photographer Katiria Duque

The Nipple Photographer
© Katiria Duque

Written by: Jessica Alvarenga
Photographs by: Katiria Duque

There is something about the Houston hustle; you either love it or you get caught up in the mindless chaos. The kind of draconian chaos that leads to mad social anxiety for not meeting the expectations of everyone’s social media life (self-care, self-care, eye roll). Meet Katira Duque, aka The Nipple Photographer, a Houston native with a strong hustle game. Through her photography, she is able to capture the angsty yet dream like vibes of the Third Coast millennial experience.

Katiria began her photographic journey in an elective in high school where she was trained in film photography. Her brilliance in using proper lighting and contrast in B&W photographs has transcended into the digital darkroom and color scheming. She is able to really bring out the emotions of colors, especially in her nude portraitures. Her aim is to have her subjects feel empowered and love their own skin. We are so here for it! Check out more of her work on IG: @katiriandrea  

Nossa Puta Sagrada
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