Elefante Collective Connects Artists to Blossom New Ideas

On Saturday February 28, 2015 Mujeres en Medio was present in the Media-Mixer curated by Elefante Collective at the Pasadena Community Job Center in the greater Los Angeles area. POC filmmakers, photographers, screenwriters, journalists, community organizers, and artists were gathered by their common curiosity for art and media.

The meet-and-greet sought out to connect creative minds with other individuals for potential collaborations, skill-sharing, and various kinds of networking. People’s spirit picked up momentum as more and more ideas sprouted with each persons turn to speak their story. Michael, an Elefante collective member, explained that he wanted future Elefante gatherings to serve as a space for people to share their knowledge and experience in technical skills in film, sound, and digital imagery. In addition to this, he believes Elefante can be a platform for support and encouragement of creative ideas.

Elefante Collective mixer in Los Angeles, CA 2015.

Enthusiasm and eagerness for collaboration filled the room with an energy of possibility. People seemed eager to continue conversations with those they found common interests and goals. Others like audio engineers and film editors came humbly offering their experience and skills gained in the media industry. The evening turned into a roundtable of people offering their dreams and passions for a brainstorm of potential projects.

Elefante founder, Bianca explained why they named the collective after elephants. She explained that the mammal thrives in close-knit groups and forms strong bonds with other elephants. Also, elephants have fascinating forms of communication with each other.

Elefante Collective media zine.

Overall, the night struck a chord with Mujeres en Medio because of the shared mission of becoming the means of production for stories and imagery about our community and ourselves. In order to see ourselves reflected in digital media, we must control the lens. 

– Arlene Mejorado

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