Carla Morrison, Nina Diaz (Girl In A Coma), & Gina Chavez @ Belmont 5/26/13

Carla Morrison  Nina Diaz  Gina Chavez

Carla Morrison, Nina Diaz, & Gina Chavez @ The Belmont

Mexican singer-songwriter, Carla Morrison closes of her North American tour in Austin, TX accompanied by Girl In A Coma’s lead vox Nina Diaz, as well as singer-songwriter Gina Chavez. The day was humid but the crowd did not mind it, keeping cool with a drink at hand. Gina Chavez filled with energy and dedication to her audience: sang, played guitar, hummed, and even expressing some heavy body language– making music by pressing her shakers to her chest. Nina Diaz boldly performed without her fellow band mates from San Antonio, Tejas. She performed her solo show experimenting with her electric guitar and altering her voice to give off an edgy vibe you can’t get enough of. Last but no least, Grammy winner form Tecate, Baja California, Carla Morrison started of the set by playing the drums and singing “Me Encanta” from her album “Déjenme llorar”. Morrison gave a heart-filled performance with her well-scripted lyrics and sweet melodies, not to mention that, that woman can dance like no other. Unfortunately, Carla Morrison was not able to complete her set, due to the fact that she almost fainted! This was caused by her extreme fatigue and dehydration– blame that on global warming. She is now resting after a long tour and we wish her a quick recovery. 

–Itzel Alejandra



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